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Little Hunting Park Club, Inc. is a private membership club dedicated to enhancing and maintaining its facilities and surroundings for future generations to enjoy. Maintenance of the club and its facilities falls upon a volunteer board of directors.  Each BOD member volunteers for three years. A Nominating Committee, created every year, searches for current members in good standing to run for positions on the Board of Directors. Elections are held every year at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Current Board Members

Joe Doherty - President
Danielle Robinson - Vice President
Greg Philbin - Treasurer
Bryant Morris - Secretary
Jessica Hampton
Miles Keogh
Erik Muendel
Brian Wood


Comments or Questions for the Board?  Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We Need You!

It takes all kinds of skills, all kinds of people, and only a little time to help LHP thrive and grow. Let one of the current BOD members of your interest. Contact LHP at info@littlehuntingpark.comIt’s your club!

LHP By-laws

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

2017 Annual Meeting Agenda

Access My Account

Little Hunting Park offers members the option to view and pay their account online.  If you have not received member login information, please contact Park management at: info@littehuntingpark.com