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It’s Always Party Time at Little Hunting Park! Have your birthday party, graduation party, family reunion or special event right here with us!  

General Information:

In order to make your time at the park safe and enjoyable, it is important that you provide us an accurate estimation of the number of guests who will be attending. We have simplified the fee structure to remove any uncertainty about the need for additional lifeguards. We need to make sure we have enough lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of all members who are at the park. We would also hate to turn away any guests due to an insufficient number of guards. Please review the following information regarding how to determine the number of guests and the fees for hosting parties at our park.

The estimate for the number of guests at your party should include any non-member over the age of 2 who will be entering the park for your party whether they intend to swim or not. Members of Little Hunting Park who will be attending your party should not be included in your estimate.

After we receive your reservation request, we will send an email confirming that your requested date and time are available. We will contact you to ask for a final estimate for the number of guests 7 days before your party. This will allow us enough time to schedule necessary additional lifeguards.

Party fees must be paid on the day of your party. If not paid on that day, a Member Charge for party fees will be made to your account. You may cancel your party up to 24 hours in advance without being charged. The new fee structure includes the cost for additional guards.

PER FAIRFAX COUNTY CODE: NO GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND are permitted in the Park. Rental includes shade tent, picnic tables, gas grill and trash bags/cans. You are responsible for cleaning the party area before you leave and for making sure all trash has been placed in the trash cans provided. Additional trash bags and/or cans will be provided upon request. We are not allowed to provide storage of any food/drink in the Gator Grill. This includes the refrigerator and the freezer. Please make adequate arrangements to cool your food in coolers while you enjoy your party. Ice cream cakes stay frozen when packed in a cooler with dry ice!

Please also note: Your party should begin and end promptly and your guests (who are not LHP members) must leave the park when your party is over.

Fee Structure:

Up to 15 Guests - $75.00

16 to 29 Guests - $100.00

30 to 59 Guests - $162.50

60 to 89 Guests - $225.00

90 and above - $287.50 (Requires board approval)

Reserving an area for a party is as easy as filling out this form:   LHP Party Reservation Form

Party spaces fill up quickly — make your reservation well in advance!  

Little Hunting Park - Party Reservation Form