Little Hunting Park Pool and Tennis Club Rules and Regulations

The Little Hunting Park (“LHP”) Board of Directors (“BOD”) has adopted the following Rules and Regulations for the protection and welfare of the members and guests of LHP. Any infraction of these rules or any other conduct detrimental to the best interests of LHP or to the safety of its members and guests may be grounds for suspension or revocation of member privileges or membership.


  1. All persons using LHP pools and facilities do so at their own risk. Members and guests agree to follow directions issued by the Manager and lifeguards while on the LHP premises.
  2. The hours of operation for the pool and facilities will be set by the BOD prior to the start of each season and will be posted on the LHP website and at the gatehouse. The pools and facilities may be temporarily closed for inclement weather or safety concerns (including water contamination and inadequate staffing), at the discretion of the Manager. Information on closures can be obtained by calling (703) 765-9642.
  3. Trash must be placed in appropriate receptacles.
  4. Drivers must adhere to the speed limit of 5 MPH in the parking lot and may only park in designated parking spots. Cars parked in restricted areas are subject to towing.
  5. The following are prohibited on LHP premises: smoking, profanity, water guns, and pets (except service animals).
  6. Vandalism and damage to LHP property and equipment are prohibited.


  1. Horseplay and roughhousing (as determined by LHP management) is prohibited on LHP premises.
  2. Glass containers are prohibited on LHP premises.
  3. Running is not allowed on paved areas.
  4. Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards and scooters may not be used on LHP premises.


  1. All members must sign in at the gatehouse upon arrival.
  2. Member admission to LHP pools and facilities is conditioned upon the payment of annual membership dues and the timely payment of assessments and fees owed. Members delinquent in the payment of dues, assessments, or fees will be denied admission to LHP pools and facilities unless and until their account is current.
  3. Members will be invoiced monthly for club charges, which generally will be payable within 30 days. Charging privileges will be suspended for members with accounts more than 15 days past due. Club access will be suspended for members with accounts more than 30 days past due. Membership may be terminated for members with accounts more than 60 days past due.


  1. Members must purchase a guest pass for all guests aged 3 and over. Each guest pass is only valid for one individual for a single visit. Up to 6 guest passes may be used per membership per day.
  2. All guests must be signed in. Members signing in guests must be at least 16 years old.
  3. LHP staff may verify guest’s status at any time, and unregistered guests will be required to leave the premises.


  1. Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children and guests at all times.
  2. All children under 11 years of age must be supervised at all times by an individual at least 16 years of age while on LHP premises. Children aged 6 and younger must be under direct supervision at all times while on LHP premises.
  3. Children over age 11 may be left unattended at LHP, provided that (1) the child has passed a swim test; and (2) there is an Emergency Contact Card and Release for the unattended child on file. This privilege may be revoked at the Manager’s sole discretion if an unattended child fails to adhere to LHP rules or otherwise behaves in an unsafe or disruptive manner. LHP is not responsible for unattended children.


  1. All swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  2. No person having a skin disease, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge or any other evidence of a communicable disease may enter the pools. Nose blowing and spitting are not permitted in the pools. Biological incidents require closure of the pools for treatment and should be avoided at all costs.
  3. Swimmers aged 11 and under will be required to take a swim test. All other swimmers may also be given a swim test at a lifeguard’s or Manager’s discretion. Any child who has not passed a swim test must be within arm’s reach of a supervising adult. To pass the swim test, swimmers must swim the length of the pool unassisted and tread water for one minute.
  4. Swimmers may only use the main pool when there is a lifeguard on duty.
  5. Playing and sitting on the pool ladders and steps are prohibited.
  6. Small rafts/flotation devices are permitted in the main pool, subject to lifeguards’ discretion. Flotation devices are not permitted in the diving well.
  7. Diving is only permitted in the diving well of the main pool and is restricted to swimmers who have passed a swim test. Flips and somersaults are not allowed from the pool decks.
  8. The diving board is open at the lifeguards’ discretion. Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving board and excessive bouncing is prohibited.
  9. Swim diapers are required at all times for any child who is not fully toilet trained.
  10. Beginning at 45 minutes past each hour, all children under 16 years of age are required to observe a fifteen minute rest period and exit the main pool.
  11. Chairs brought onto the concrete pool deck must remain behind the blue line and must be returned to the grass or pavilion after use.
  12. Lap swimmers have priority to use the lap lane. Swimmers may not hang from or play on the lane lines. The lap lane may be closed for special events or at any time at the discretion of LHP management.
  13. The baby pool is for children aged 5 and under. No furniture is allowed in the baby pool.
  14. Failure to obey instructions from lifeguards may result in a time out or other disciplinary action.


  1. Children aged 6 and under must be supervised at all times while on the playground.
  2. Climbing on houses and throwing sand or toys is not allowed.
  3. Sand from playground must be rinsed off before entering pools.


  1. Volleyball players have priority use of the volleyball pit.
  2. Children aged 6 and under must be supervised at all times while on in the volleyball pit.
  3. No digging, sand toys or throwing of sand permitted. Hanging on the net also is prohibited.
  4. Sand from volleyball pit must be rinsed off before entering pools.


  1. Players desiring to use sport courts for designated sport have priority use of courts.
  2. Any borrowed equipment must be returned to the gatehouse.
  3. Except for water in unbreakable containers, no food and beverages permitted.
  4. Hanging or pulling on nets and rims prohibited.
  5. Appropriate footwear must be worn.


  1. Except for water in unbreakable containers, eating and drinking is allowed only in the grill and picnic areas. Only staff members and lifeguards are permitted to eat in the guard office, Manager’s office, and gatehouse.
  2. Individuals are responsible for clearing tables after use and disposing of trash.
  3. Gas grills may be used by members, except when reserved by a private party.
  4. Alcohol may be consumed in non-glass containers on LHP premises. Alcohol is restricted to individuals 21 years of age or older, and LHP management may verify the age of anyone suspected to be drinking. Any person who appears to be inebriated may be asked to leave the premises. Please refer to the Policy Regarding the Provision and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages at Little Hunting Park for complete rules.


  1. If more than 6 guests are invited, members must reserve a party area.


  1. Depending on the severity of the infraction(s), consequences for violation of these Rules and Regulations may include a verbal warning, timeout, temporary ejection from the premises, suspension or termination of club privileges or membership, or other consequence determined by the Manager or BOD.
  2. Consequences implemented by the Manager are deemed final; however, suspension or terminated of club privileges or membership must be determined by the BOD.

Adopted by:

Little Hunting Park Board of Directors
February 12, 2017